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In an age where information has no boundaries, one is still shocked at the lack of any transparent and organized dissemination of legal information in Egypt.  If you want to set up an NGO in Egypt or register a newly purchased flat or know your rights as an employee, you will have a very difficult time finding any answers to your legal questions.  Worse, you may find five different answers to each question.  You will just learn on the job how to do anything, by trial and error, and by taking a step to do something and repeating it because something was wrong in your papers!  And in the end, no body actually has any picture of what the law says or how it acts in a certain matter.

The Law For All initiative aspires at taking a step towards solving this legal vacuum.  The aim of the initiative is to make available an online legal database of topics that a lot of us Egyptians face at one point of time or other in our lives.  The database is drafted in simple Q&A and How-to formats that are meant to make the information practical, comprehensive, and accessible to the non-legalist.  We do not want to provide information about “law-in-books” but also about “law-in-action;” about practical insights on how things are actually done on the ground; as well as detailed information on procedures and standards followed in government authorities and in the various administrative organs that take control over our lives.  The website will publish wide-ranging sections on different topics of law as they are completed.  So keep checking our website for the new sections.

The initiative is a work-in-progress.  We are trying to make the information published on this website as comprehensive as possible and inclusive of all the practical matters and issues particular to each locality and time.  We do our best to try to make our information as updated as possible.  But your input to the answers we provide is invaluable.  We would be grateful for all of your comments about any ambiguity or lack of clarity in the answers we provide.  We are also very keen to receive any feedback on special experiences that you may have faced while doing this or that legal procedure, which may shed a better, or a different, light to one of the questions we are handling.  Please do not underestimate the value of half an hour of your time (that’s how long it will take you to write a brief email).

The Law For All project is an initiative established by the Pro Bono Department of Sharkawy & Sarhan Law Firm as part of the firm’s corporate social responsibility program.  Sharkawy & Sarhan is a law firm that offers legal services to corporate and commercial clients on various matters of the law, such as banking laws and project finance, government contracts, Capital Market regulations, and general corporate and commercial legal consultations.  The firm strongly believes that it has a duty to give back to the community in which it prospers.  For this reason, the firm established in September 2007 a Pro Bono Department, which undertakes various public interest projects, of which the Law For All initiative is one.  For more information on the firm, please consult the website at http://www.sharkawylaw.com/sharkawylaw/collectivelly.asp and for more information on the Pro Bono Department and its projects, please see http://www.sharkawylaw.com/sharkawylaw/probono.asp.

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